Finding property

Finding property in the Netherlands

There are a number of ways of finding a suitable property.

You can search through specialized sites, like or and make selections and appointments yourself.

On the other hand however, it is advisable to contact a real estate agent. They are able to select through an intranet which is only accessible for agents and where objects are offered mostly before they are presented on the different sites. You will be informed by your agent (by e-mail and/or fax) about houses on the market through selections based upon your profile. After the selection of the objects there are different ways to proceed.

Trifium has agreements with estate agents and surveyors on the rates and communication between the estate agent and yourself in English. When you want more information, please send an e-mail or call Trifium.

When you buy property in the Netherlands, the purchase will in most cases relate to one of the two types described below:

The purchase of a house, registered independently as a whole at the land registry.
The purchase of an apartment right, registered as such at the land registry and managed by the board of an Owners' Association. An apartment right consists of part of a whole apartment building. You will often encounter this situation in Amsterdam for instance.
You have a statutory right to cancel the contract of sale within three days of signing it, without giving reasons. A civil-law notary is always involved in the purchase and sale of  property.  The property buyer is entitled to appoint the civil-law notary of his or her choice.

As a rule of thumb, the buyer's costs usually amount to around 8,5% of the purchase price for the immovable property. That amount will generally be lower in practice if Trifiums partners are used because of the agreements on rates with civil-law notary firms, estate agents and surveyors. The most important factor affecting the accompanying costs, the transfer tax, is unfortunately beyond our control.

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