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Professional mediation in real estate financing

Real estate financing for commercial real estate

Investing in real estate is very interesting in these times. Compared to savings or investments such as equities, investing in real estate gives you the highest return. In addition, an investment in real estate provides a return on investment on two sides. Firstly, you get the rental income and secondly, the value of the property increases. The rental payments provide a continuous cash flow that you can use to pay for the real estate financing. It also allows you to reinvest in real estate. If you purchase the property privately, the rental income is also exempt from VAT and untaxed. This therefore concerns net rental income. In the long term, the added value of the property often yields a return. And this surplus value can, for instance, be used for new investments.

Professional mediation in real estate financing at Trifium:

  • Aimed at both private real estate investors and professional real estate investors;
  • Real estate financing in the broadest sense of the word;
  • Gericht op onder andere hypotheken voor bedrijfspanden, woningen, kantoren en hotels;
  • Knowledge of complex matters;
  • Accredited advisors and credit analysts with years of experience.

Mediation on a broad front

Personen die in vastgoed investeren, zijn bij Trifium Hypotheekadviseurs aan het juiste adres. Zowel particuliere beleggers als professionele investeerders in vastgoed kunnen een vastgoedfinanciering bij ons afsluiten. Onze professionele bemiddeling en gedegen diensten richten zich op het commercieel financieren van vastgoed in de ruimste zin van het woord. Onder investeren in vastgoed verstaan onze ervaren professionals de aankoop van onder meer: woningen box 3, kantoren, hotels en bedrijfsruimtes ter belegging, gericht op ontwikkeling of voor de handel. Dit geldt tevens voor de aankoop van kantoor- en bedrijfsruimten voor eigen gebruik.

Knowledge of complex matters

Do you want to finance your real estate? We at Trifium Hypotheekadviseurs are also happy to assist you in more complex matters, such as the hedging of interest rate risks with derivatives and the purchase or refinancing of complete real estate portfolios. Our clients include large professional real estate companies, first-time investors and developers as well as various SME companies with their own premises.

Do you want to invest in commercial real estate and are you looking for a professional party for real estate financing? Call us at 020 - 67 22 109 for more information or make an appointment for a free introductory meeting.

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