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More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to buy real estate. This may involve the purchase of the business premises in which the company is located. Others want to invest in the construction or renovation of commercial real estate. In general, entrepreneurs do not want to and/or cannot pay for this from their own resources. That's why they can take out a business premises mortgage. There are various possibilities for obtaining a mortgage on your business premises. You can go to a commercial bank or to a specialised mortgage bank in real estate financing. It is also possible to finance a business property through Trifium Hypotheekadviseurs. With us you can take out or refinance a commercial mortgage.

Why take out a business premises mortgage with Trifium:

  • Take out mortgage for business premises or renovation;
  • Refinancing mortgage for business premises possible;
  • In-depth knowledge of the policies of all banks;
  • The best options for a business premises mortgage;
  • Easily calculate mortgage for business premises;
  • Cooperation with all lenders in the Netherlands;
  • Attractive mortgage interest rates for your business premises.

Mandatory own contribution

The lending standards for a commercial mortgage are limited. An interest-only mortgage, for example, is very rare these days. The main reason for this is that depreciation on business premises is high due to intensive use. As a result, there is more risk for the bank. Most banks therefore provide a commercial mortgage that has to be repaid in 20 to 25 years. This term is shorter than the term of a home mortgage (usually 30 years). If you want to take out a mortgage on a business property, you must take into account that you must contribute at least 30 percent of the market value as your own contribution. Example: You want to buy a €300,000 business property. For the financing you must therefore deposit €90,000 + additional costs, including transfer tax, valuation costs, notary fees and our fee.

Mortgage calculation for business premises

In most cases, the term of a business premises mortgage is 25 years. Different entrepreneurs may find the best solution in different forms of business premises mortgages. At Trifium, we want to help you find the best options for a business premises mortgage. We adjust these to, among other things, the amount of your own capital that you can, want or need to invest. We work together with all lenders in the Netherlands. That is why we will come up with a proposal for your commercial mortgage that meets your personal wishes and requirements as much as possible. Usually, a mortgage for a business property is a linear or annuity loan with a fixed or variable interest rate. In most cases, the term is based on the depreciation and the investment objective.

Trifium helps you to find a suitable business premises mortgage that is fully tailored to your personal situation. Our accredited advisors will assist you throughout the entire process and provide tailor-made financial mortgage planning. Do you want to know what your possibilities are? Make an appointment for an introductory meeting without obligation by calling 020 - 67 22 109.



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