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A business mortgage to finance your business premises

Are you an entrepreneur and is your company ready for a new space? Or do you want to renovate your existing business premises? A business mortgage is a loan that is tailored to the purchase or renovation of commercial real estate. The term of a mortgage for business is in most cases 25 years. Is your organization also ready for new accommodation and do you need a business loan? Trifium's registered mortgage advisers are happy to think along with you. They take a close look at the sector in which your company operates and the value of the intended property. Because they are also credit analysts, they know better than anyone how to map out your future expectations. This way you can take out a business mortgage with low monthly costs, under favorable conditions.

Why take out a mortgage for business with Trifium:

  • We are one of the largest commercial brokers in The Netherlands real estate financing;
  • Professional mediation by credit analysts aimed at commercial real estate;
  • Custom options for a suitable business mortgage;
  • The right mortgage for business that is tailored to your investment goal;
  • Our experienced mortgage advisers keep a close eye on interest rates on a daily basis;
  • Our accredited advisers and credit analysts have in-depth knowledge of the market;
  • You are assured of a mortgage with favorable monthly charges and conditions tailored to your situation.

Financing business mortgage

Every company is different and therefore the best solution for a business mortgage is different for every entrepreneur. Our experienced mortgage advisers give you the best options for a financing / business mortgage with a term that is geared to the investment goal, depending on the amortization periods. We also consider the amount of your own money that you possibly want and can invest. A business mortgage is usually a linear loan with a variable or fixed interest rate. Trifium works together with practically all lenders in The Netherlands.

Compare mortgage interest rates

Business mortgages are tailor-made. Trifium is one of the largest intermediaries in this field. Our accredited advisers and credit analysts have partnerships with almost all providers and have in-depth knowledge of the market. Exactly what the matter about calculating a business mortgage requires. The interest rates of a business mortgage depend on the location, the value of the business property and the industry in which you operate. Based on specific information about the property and your annual accounts, our mortgage advisers create a financing plan in which they compare the mortgage interest rates and conditions.

Financing business premises: how much can you borrow?

The financial situation of your company and the value, location and type of business premises that you have in mind determine the amount of the financing. Business premises are financed with the mediation of Trifium up to 90% of the market value. Do you want to calculate the monthly costs of your financing? Our credit analysts with in-depth knowledge of the market will be happy to calculate how much your company can borrow.

Do you want to take out a mortgage for business? Our registered mortgage advisers and credit analysts are happy to advise you on the customization options. Make an appointment for a free orientation meeting or call us at 020 - 67 22 109.

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