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High-quality advice in settling a residual debt on your mortgage

A residual debt arises when you voluntarily sell your home and the proceeds are lower than the amount you have outstanding on a (deductible) mortgage. This is also referred to as loss of sales. After the sale of your house, part of the (mortgage) debt remains. You must repay this to the mortgage lender in a different way. It doesn't necessarily have to be a problem if your house is ‘under water’, but you should keep it in mind. Are you planning to sell your home and do you expect this to result in a loss of sales? Our registered advisers will help you find options for settling the residual debt. Mortgage advisors who are also credit analysts find suitable solutions in most cases.

Do you want to sell real estate with a residual debt? Trifium mortgage advisers can assist you with:

  • In-depth knowledge of the policies of all banks in The Netherlands;
  • Also customized mortgage options for entrepreneurs with a residual debt;
  • Possibilities to finance loss of sales in your new mortgage;
  • Our consultants examine all your income components to find a suitable solution;
  • We also consider the options for settling the residual debt on your mortgage with own resources.

Co-finance the residual debt in your new mortgage

In certain cases, co-financing the residual debt in the mortgage of your new home is one of the options. But as you probably expect, we have a critical eye at such a loan. Do you want to co-finance the residual debt in a new mortgage? Then you must have sufficient income to be able to pay the (extra) repayment and interest charges. Wondering if a sales loss is deductible? Residual debts that have arisen from 1 January 2018 can no longer be financed in box 1, but in box 3. The interest deduction on the residual debt is therefore a thing of the past.

Pay off the residual debt on your mortgage with your own resources

Do you have enough savings? Then you can pay off the mortgage residual debt with your own resources. It is also possible to use the securities deposit, the bank savings account or the life insurance that accompanies the mortgage. Our experienced advisers can tell you everything about the conditions attached to this. When they have an opportunity to do so, parents can make a donation to their children between the ages of 18 and 40. Did you also receive a large amount from your parents? You can also use this to finance the residual debt. In the event that you do not have your own resources or a gift, it is an option to pay off the residual debt on your mortgage with a personal loan.

Calculate residual mortgage debt

Are you planning to sell your home and do you want to know if you can expect a residual debt from your mortgage? Based on, among other things, the total mortgage value and an indication of the market value of the home, our advisers can calculate the amount of the total residual debt.

Remission of the sales loss

We would like to point out another important point about a residual debt on a mortgage. Remission of your sales loss is a right if you bought the house under the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). You may be eligible for this if you are forced to sell the home due to unemployment or divorce.

Would you like to know more about the above solutions for a residual debt, mortgage options when buying a new property or do you want to (co) finance your loss of sales after the sale of your house? Call us at 020 - 67 22 109 or make an appointment for a free orientation meeting.

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