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Buying a house to let with a rental mortgage

Today, many people buy a house to rent out. This can be the house they have lived in themselves and that they keep even after buying a new house. Of course, this can also be a newly purchased house that they want to rent out. A regular residential mortgage only allows the actual owner to live in the house. Renting out is then not allowed. But this is possible with a rental mortgage. Would you like to rent out a house with a mortgage? At Trifium, we can arrange a rental mortgage for you with good conditions through a simple application process and at competitive rates. We finance throughout the Netherlands, so that includes outside the Randstad region.

Advantages of a mortgage for a second home to let via Trifium:

  • Trifium is one of the largest rental mortgage brokers in the Netherlands;
  • Accredited mortgage advisors and income specialists with a wealth of experience;
  • Possibility to finance up to 85% of the market value in let state;
  • Attractive interest rates on the rental mortgage;
  • Up to a 60% of the market value in let state as interest-only loan;
  • Trifium has partnerships with almost all rental providers in the market.

Rent out a house with a mortgage

Renting out a house with a mortgage is a good option in current times. In the private housing sector, the rental market is tight and you can get it moving. Your tenants live in a good house and you benefit privately from net rental income. Trifium Hypotheekadviseurs is one of the largest brokers in the Netherlands in the field of rental mortgages. You can finance up to 85 percent of the market value in let state and you can finance up to sixty percent of the market value in let state without repayment (interest-only). Trifium's accredited mortgage advisors and credit analysts have partnerships with virtually all rental providers in the market.

Simple application process

Renting out a house with a mortgage seems like an opportunity you cannot pass up. However, it remains a decision that you need to think carefully about. We at Trifium are happy to help you with that. Our experienced advisors will work with you to see if buying a house to rent out to third parties is really a good step. If so, we will do a number of checks on your identity and income. We will then quickly make you an indicative offer for a rental mortgage that perfectly suits your personal situation and wishes.

Would you like to know what is involved in renting out a house with a mortgage? And whether a rental mortgage suits you? Our experienced advisors will be happy to help you. Make an appointment for an introductory meeting without obligation or call us at 020 - 67 22 109.



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