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Private investment in real estate for optimal returns

In recent years, investing in real estate has also become increasingly popular among private individuals. People buy property as an investment and then rent it out. Private investment in real estate is popular for various reasons, including the value development of the investment property. After all, house prices have risen sharply in recent years. Although these prices may fall again, the demand for living space remains unabated. A private real estate investment also provides monthly rental income. Because rent indexation and inflation keep rents in balance, these rent revenues are inflation proof.

Why finance real estate through Trifium:

  • Accredited advisors and credit analysts with years of experience;
  • In-depth knowledge of the market;
  • Thorough credit analysis and personal advice;
  • Short lines with several financiers;
  • Fast lead times;
  • Professional advice for private real estate investors;
  • Broad and competitive quotations.

Tax benefits

Private investment in real estate is also fiscally interesting. You only pay tax in box 3 on your own investment, i.e. the value of the property minus the mortgage on it. The rental income is tax free. Do you want to invest in real estate? The so-called leverage effect ensures that you get a higher return on your own invested money by partly financing the investment property with a mortgage. By buying a rental property for with borrowed money, you can achieve a higher return. The leverage effect arises because you can use the property as collateral to borrow money at a lower interest rate than the return you get from it. If part of the investment can be made with a mortgage, the financing of real estate becomes more accessible.

Investment in real estate by private individuals

Are you planning to buy property to rent out to a third party? If you have an investment property in mind, it is possible to (partially) finance its purchase. You take out a loan for part of the purchase amount. This can also be in the form of using another property that you already own as collateral. There is a lot involved in the financing of real estate. We would like to invite you for a personal consultation to take stock of your plans and wishes. On the basis of this conversation and the information you provide, our advisors will determine which financier will best meet your needs in your specific case. For entrepreneurs, we carry out a credit analysis and draw up a credit proposal for the financier. For you, this means an accelerated lead time as we discuss your income one-on-one with the income specialist of the bank in question. Because of our short lines of communication with various financiers, we at Trifium are often able to provide a broader and sharper offer than your principal banker.

Do you also want to invest privately in real estate? And would you like the best possible advice to take out a loan? Our experienced advisors are at your service. For more information, call 020 - 67 22 109 or make an appointment for an introductory meeting without obligation.

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