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Mortgage for private individuals tailored to your personal situation

Are you planning on buying a house? Congratulations, that's a wonderful step. For many individuals, buying a home is the biggest purchase they make in their lives. A lot of money is needed to finance your dream house. Therefore, in many cases, you have to apply for a mortgage first. At Trifium we think it is important that you take out a mortgage that perfectly suits your personal situation. Our accredited mortgage advisors and credit analysts will be happy to help you calculate how much you can borrow responsibly. They will also take a close look at which mortgage form and conditions are most suitable for your mortgage application. After all, applying for a mortgage always requires customisation.

Why a mortgage for private individuals at Trifium:

  • Custom mortgages for private individuals;
  • Specialised in mortgages for entrepreneurs. Trifium is one of 30 – out of a total of 4800 – intermediaries in the Netherlands that write the credit proposal themselves after we have determined the income by assessing the annual figures. This is absolutely unique;
  • Expert and personal advice from registered mortgage advisers and credit analysts;
  • When applying for a mortgage, we take a close look at all your income components;
  • Our options go beyond just taking out a linear or annuity loan;
  • You can also contact Trifium without an employer's statement or letter of intent;
  • The best mortgage type with the most favorable conditions.

Most suitable form of mortgage

When applying for a mortgage, this concerns a loan with real estate as collateral. Usually, it is the house you have an eye on. So when you buy a property, you borrow money from the bank to finance your dream home. You pay back the borrowed amount to the lender via the mortgage form you choose. You also pay interest on this amount. When you apply for a mortgage, our advisor will look at what the most suitable form of mortgage is together with you. The form of the mortgage determines how you repay the loan, such as an annuity mortgage or a linear mortgage. But an interest-only mortgage is also possible. When applying for a mortgage, think about whether you want to keep the monthly expenses the same or lower during the term of the mortgage. Or will you choose not to repay anything but to do it all at once when selling the house? The possibilities at Trifium go beyond just taking out a linear or annuity loan.

Mortgage application

Trifium also provides appropriate conditions for your mortgage application. You can choose from various conditions. Do you want a competitive and low interest rate or more possibilities and flexibility? In any case, applying for a mortgage requires customisation, even when you are employed. However, at Trifium, we take things even further and look at all your income components. Our advisors also map income from abroad, irregularity surcharges, commission income, bonuses and rental income. The same applies to any pension income, IVA, WIA and other forms of income. We take them all into account when determining your maximum mortgage amount. Even if your employer does not want to give you an employer’s statement or declaration of intent and you have a fixed-term contract, you have come to the right place for a mortgage application.

Are you planning to buy a house and want to apply for a mortgage? Call us at 020 - 67 22 109 for more information or make an appointment for a free introductory meeting with one of our advisors.

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