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Compare mortgages from all banks, covering the whole of the market

Of course you want the mortgage that best suits your personal situation, with the lowest mortgage interest. Whether you want to take out a new mortgage or refinance your existing mortgage. Comparing a mortgage together with our registered mortgage advisers is therefore a wise choice. We have in-depth knowledge of the policies of all banks in The Netherlands. Our experienced advisors also help you compare mortgage rates in The Netherlands and compare mortgage conditions. In this way you are assured of the best mortgage with the most favorable mortgage interest and monthly payments.

The benefits of mortgage comparison Netherlands:

  • In-depth knowledge of the policies of all banks;
  • Expert advice on comparing mortgages from experienced mortgage advisers;
  • Various options for mortgage comparison for the most suitable one for your personal situation;
  • Various options for mortgage comparison for the most suitable one for your personal situation;
  • Calculation by registered advisers who are also credit analysts;
  • Various options for a mortgage without a letter of intent or a permanent contract;
  • Help in comparing mortgage conditions to arrive at the most favorable agreement.

How do I find the best mortgage?

The first step in the process of comparing a mortgage and calculating a mortgage is to delve into the matter. Regardless of which form you choose, a mortgage consists of four different parts: the loan, the repayment, the mortgage interest and possibly the additional insurance. Whether this concerns an annuity mortgage, linear mortgage or another form. With the loan you are bound by the maximum amount that you can borrow from a mortgage provider. When comparing a mortgage, the way you want to pay off the loan is also discussed. Our advisors help you make the choice that best suits your financial situation.

Comparing current mortgage interest rates

The bank determines the mortgage interest that you must pay on the loan. Our advisers will tell you everything about the current interest rate of the year in which you take out the mortgage. You generally pay the lowest mortgage interest rate by choosing a shorter fixed-rate period. Comparing mortgage interest rates is therefore also a major step to arrive at the best mortgage type. The last part that comes up when comparing a mortgage is the extent to which you may wish to insure yourself against loss of income in the event of unemployment, death or incapacity for work.

Favorably compare the conditions of the mortgage

A mortgage is more than just an amount of money with mortgage interest and a fixed interest period. That is why comparing mortgage conditions should not be missing from the overall process. A mortgage is an agreement with a bank or other lender. You and the bank both have rights and obligations in this respect. These are all laid down in the mortgage conditions. These can differ considerably per mortgage type. That is why it is advisable to compare mortgage conditions. The conditions are important in order to choose the best mortgage that suits your wishes and personal situation.

Our accredited advisers are happy to advise you to compare the best options for a mortgage. For any further information, call us at 020 - 67 22 109 or make an appointment for a free orientation meeting.

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