Advice for entrepreneurs and private individuals

Appropriate mortgage for entrepreneurs tailored to your situation

Are you the owner of a company with staff, self-employed or freelancer and would you like to buy a home? Then you will undoubtedly notice that it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to obtain a mortgage. After all, you have a flexible income. With tailor-made solutions, however, much more is possible than you may think. Trifium helps you as a self-employed person to find a suitable entrepreneur mortgage that is fully tailored to your needs. Our accredited advisors and credit analysts will assist you throughout the entire process and provide tailor-made financial mortgage planning.

The benefits of a mortgage for entrepreneurs at Trifium:

  • Tailor-made entrepreneur mortgage;
  • In-depth knowledge of the entrepreneurial policy of all banks;
  • Accredited advisors who are also credit analysts;
  • Higher chance of success and a higher mortgage for entrepreneurs;
  • For all forms of enterprise;
  • Application even possible if you have only been an entrepreneur for one year;
  • Shorter lead times now that Trifium writes your credit proposal and determines your general income.

In-depth knowledge

If you want to take out a mortgage for entrepreneurs, specific rules apply with regard to determining your income. Most banks and mortgage lenders use a standard calculation. That is why you can often take out a lower mortgage for entrepreneurs than is possible in practice. Trifium has in-depth knowledge of the entrepreneurial policies of all banks. We very regularly compare the interest rates and conditions of more than sixty lenders. Our advisors analyse your figures accurately and know exactly which bank has the best entrepreneur mortgage for you. Moreover, we also look at the story behind the figures. This way, we provide the bank with a thorough application and substantiation by means of a credit proposal. When you give us your commitment, we work on a no cure no pay basis, determine your general income and coordinate this income directly with the bank's income specialist. As a result, you will know where you stand more quickly and you will generally save hundreds more euros that you will lose if your income has to be determined compulsorily by an external party.

Unique method

When you apply for a mortgage for entrepreneurs at Trifium, you will reap the benefits of our unique method. Most of our accredited mortgage advisors are also credit analysts. We assess your annual figures, analyse them and write a credit proposal based on the results. Together with the specialists of the relevant bank, we then determine your income. This makes Trifium one of the thirty – out of more than 4000 – intermediaries in the Netherlands who work in this way. Our advisors actively think with you, resulting in the best mortgage for entrepreneurs. Whether you own a sole proprietorship, a general or limited partnership or several private companies. Moreover, you can already turn to Trifium for an entrepreneur's mortgage if you have only been an entrepreneur for one year.

Would you like to know what your possibilities are for a mortgage for entrepreneurs? Call us at 020 - 67 22 109 for more information or make an appointment for a free introductory meeting.

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