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Trifium mortgage information

You want to buy a house and that requires a large sum of money. You generally do not have this amount yourself, so you want to take out a mortgage. There is a lot involved in this and it is not an easy task. That is why we at Trifium are happy to provide you with the necessary mortgage information. These five steps will get you off to a good start when you enter the housing market

Mortgage info in five steps:

Step 1. When do you go to Trifium?

De redenen om naar Trifium te gaan voor hypotheekinformatie zijn onder te verdelen in drie categorieën. U gaat op huizenjacht en wilt weten tot welk bedrag u ongeveer kunt gaan met bieden. Of u heeft een bod gedaan op een woning en hebt nu een hypotheek nodig. Het behoort ook tot de mogelijkheden dat u een betere hypotheek wenst voor het huis waarin u al woont. Bent u op zoek naar een financiering op maat? Onze erkende hypotheekadviseurs en kredietanalisten helpen u graag en voorzien u van de juiste informatie, of het nu een hypotheek voor particulieren of een ondernemershypotheek betreft. Wilt u een hypotheek oversluiten? Bij Trifium weten we als geen ander dat een hypotheek geen momentopname is. Want er bestaat altijd de kans dat er tijdens de looptijd dingen wijzigen in uw woonwensen of persoonlijke situatie.

Free introductory meeting

In order to provide you with the best mortgage information, we would like to invite you for a personal introductory meeting. This is free of charge and without obligation. Our experienced advisors and credit analysts will immediately give you a good idea of the approximate amount you can borrow. In addition, they will explain the costs of further advice and mediation. Did you have a good feeling about Trifium after the first conversation? Then we move on to step 2.

Our mortgage advisors will dive deeper into your personal situation and your wishes. At this step we really need to know what house and what purchase price you need a mortgage for. This allows us to select a number of mortgages that suit your situation. Ultimately, we provide you with mortgage information regarding the form that is most suitable for you.

Your choice and application

In the end, you decide what mortgage you take. As soon as you have made your choice, we will apply for that mortgage for you. We will carefully go through the application process and the conditions of the requested mortgage with you. Always read the conditions carefully, because a mortgage involves a lot of money. Moreover, you are generally stuck with it for a long period of time. In case of ambiguities, we will of course provide you with additional mortgage information.

Step 3. Collect and deliver documents

Now is the time for you to provide us with all the necessary information and documents, such as:

  • Documents and proof of your financial situation;
  • Een werkgevers- of intentieverklaring
  • A valuation report of the home you want to finance;
  • A life insurance policy;
  • Property insurance.

Did you provide everything to us? Then we will see if everything matches the application. As soon as everything is in order, we will let you know right away.

Step 4. Definitive offer

When all information and documents provided are correct, you will receive a definitive offer from us.

What does it say?
The definitive offer will show you exactly what your mortgage will look like.
Now you have certainty about:

  • The amount of the loan;
  • The way you repay the loan;
  • When you repay the loan.

Step 5. To the notary

At the notary, you sign the mortgage deed and the deed of transfer.
Congratulations. From that moment on, your mortgage is fully arranged.

Would you like to know more about the five steps you go through when you choose a mortgage with Trifium? Or would you like more mortgage information? Call us at 020 - 67 22 109 or make an appointment for an introductory meeting without obligation.

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