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The interest rates on your Trifium mortgage

Trifium helps both private customers and business owners with expert mortgage advice and forms of financing that align seamlessly with specific, personal circumstances. Our recognised mortgage advisors and credit analysts give you the opportunity to select the cheapest mortgage that fully suits your needs and financial situation. In choosing our business, you can be assured of the lowest monthly costs, on the most favourable mortgage interest rates and conditions. We would be happy to present you with customised, independent mortgage advice. Our experienced advisors and credit analysts provide you with professional information about the opportunities, the requirements, financing arrangements and of course the mortgage interest rates.

Trifium interest rates on your mortgage

Using our specialised software, we continuously check your mortgage, mortgage interest rates and other financial data. This means that we always notify you immediately if:

  • Your mortgage interest is set to expire;
  • You can save on your interest;
  • You can save on your pledged insurance;
  • We can better adapt your situation to another product due to recent developments in the field of mortgage interest rates.

Customised mortgage planning

It goes without saying that mortgage advice at Trifium is always tailored according to your needs. We provide customised financial mortgage planning in which we also offer insight into the mortgage interest rates. We regularly compare the interest rates and conditions of more than sixty lenders. Trifium's recognised mortgage advisors and credit analysts give you a clear insight into your financial options and tailor them according to your personal preferences. Buying a house with a mortgage is not possible without taking stock of your financial situation. Trifium is happy to guide you on your financial life path.

All-inn rate

At Trifium we work with an all-inn rate based on a no cure no pay policy. We do this on the condition that you give us your commitment. Our rates are exempt from VAT and as long as it concerns your owner-occupied home, our fee is tax deductible for income tax in accordance with the salary tax bracket you fall under. We do not work with monthly subscriptions. During your fixed-rate period, you can contact us with any questions about your current mortgage with Trifium and the applicable mortgage interest rates.

Trifium Mortgage rates:

Starter salary employee € 2,950

Non-starter € 3,500

Sole proprietorship, VOF or partnership € 4,000

BV-structuur is maatwerk vanaf € 5.000,- (afhankelijk van de complexiteit van de aanvraag)

Vergelijkingskaart Hypotheekvraag

Vergelijkingskaart Vermogen opbouwen

Vegelijkingskaart Risico's afdekken

Trifium would be happy to provide you with customised, independent mortgage advice. Our experienced advisors provide you with professional information about the options and mortgage interest rates. Call us for more information on 020 - 67 22 109 or make an appointment for a casual orientation meeting.

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