Advice for entrepreneurs and private individuals

Trifium's mortgage advisors provide you with independent advice

Have you found your dream home? Would you like to buy or renovate a business property? Are you planning on buying a second home? Or do you have questions about your current mortgage and want to refinance it? Trifium's accredited mortgage advisors and credit analysts are happy to assist you with independent mortgage advice.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, receive foreign income, pension, partner alimony or only rental income, Trifium can help you with all these forms of income. For virtually any situation, our experienced mortgage advisors and credit analysts have the right solution in the form of a mortgage that seamlessly matches your wishes and personal situation.

Why go to Trifium's accredited mortgage advisors:

  • Voor particulieren en ondernemers;
  • U kunt bij Trifium voor diverse hypotheken terecht met alle inkomensvormen;
  • Mortgages for every situation that seamlessly meets your needs;
  • Interview with an accredited mortgage advisor and a mortgage that suits your personal situation;
  • Working method with your commitment based on no-cure-no-pay;
  • Expert mortgage advice and/or financial planning with a view to the future.

Independent advice, tailor-made mortgage

Wilt u een eigen woning of verhuurappartement financieren, uw huidige woning aanhouden voor de verhuur of op latere leeftijd financiële ruimte creëren voor uw oude dag? Onze erkende hypotheekadviseurs  en kredietanalisten staan voor u klaar ongeacht in welke levensfase of situatie u zich bevindt. In een kosteloos en vrijblijvend oriënterend gesprek bespreekt u met onze hypotheekadviseurs en kredietanalisten alle mogelijke scenario’s. Zo krijgt u een zo goed mogelijk inzicht in de vele mogelijkheden rondom uw hypotheek en/ of oudedagvoorzieningen en bent u verzekerd van een verhuurhypotheek, bedrijfs- of woonhuishypotheek en/of pensioen die perfect bij u past. Nu en in de toekomst!


When you give us your commitment, we work on a no-cure-no-pay basis. Our passionate mortgage advisors put all their time and energy into your application. With this working method, their knowledge and skills and the thorough independent mortgage advice this results in, they give you the certainty that they will successfully complete your mortgage application.

Expert mortgage advice

Our mortgage advisors look beyond just your financial situation. When giving their mortgage advice, they also take into account your health situation, family composition and your old age provisions. They also consider the risk of unemployment and incapacity for work. With this expert mortgage advice you can start the search for a new home or business premises with peace of mind.

The search for your dream home or the perfect business property starts with expert and independent mortgage advice. Our accredited mortgage advisors have an appropriate answer to all your questions. Make an appointment for an introductory meeting without obligation by calling 020 - 67 22 109.

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