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Mortgage and income explained

Planning to buy a house but you don't have a permanent employment contract? Applying for a suitable mortgage is possible, but it does require some additional steps. Trifium Hypotheekadviseurs is happy to answer all your questions in this area. Our recognised mortgage advisors are also qualified credit analysts. Do you have a temporary contract and would you like to apply for a mortgage in the near future? We will explain the most important aspects including: mortgage declaration of intent, mortgage without declaration of intent, mortgage temporary contract and mortgage without a permanent contract.

In the explanation mortgage and income the following items are discussed:

Mortgage declaration of intent

Do you have a house in mind and you'd like to take out a mortgage, but you don't have a permanent contract? Then you can ask your employer if he wants to issue a letter of intent. A letter of intent for a mortgage offers extra security for the mortgage lender. Your employer declares that it intends to convert your fixed-term contract - when it expires - to a permanent contract. The mortgage statement of intent is part of the employer statement. This only needs to be completed if the employee does not have a permanent contract.

Employer statement

Your employer issues the employer statement. This document should include: your employment terms (temporary or permanent), your annual salary (specified by item) and any loan from your employer. The employer statement is an important document for the mortgage application. This statement must have an extra signature and is generally structured as follows:

'Assuming continued performance and the circumstances of the business remain unchanged, upon termination of the fixed-term employment contract, the contract will be replaced by a permanent employment contract for an indefinite period of time.'

Mortgage without a letter of intent

Is it also possible to obtain a mortgage without an employer statement/letter of intent? It may be possible. Because in the event that your employer does not want to provide a letter of intent for you, it may be possible to make use of the Salary Income Determination. This is a method whereby a maximum mortgage is determined on the basis of data from the UWV. For a mortgage without a letter of intent you can use the UWV Insurance Report instead of the employer statement when applying for a mortgage. This digital document can be downloaded from and contains the salary and employer history.

Income determination Salary

By applying carefully developed calculation and policy rules, you calculate the maximum income. This can in turn be used for calculating the test income or the Income Determination Salary. This makes the employer statement superfluous. More and more suppliers of advisory software, lenders and NHG are embracing the Income Determination Salary Service. This is positive for the speed with which a mortgage application process can be completed. So there are also options for taking out a mortgage without a letter of intent.

Without a permanent contract

How does it work when taking out a mortgage without a permanent contract? Even then there are possibilities for taking out a mortgage. Of course, it depends on your personal situation what exactly the possibilities for a mortgage without a permanent job entail. This applies to a greater extent to your current employment. After all, the value of your income is required to determine the amount of a mortgage. Do you have a fixed-term contract, but are you eligible for a permanent contract? Then it is possible to request a letter of intent from your employer. This document states that your next contract will become an indefinite contract if you continue to operate as you do and the circumstances of the business remain unchanged. In order to determine your income, we simply look at your current income.

Mortgage with a flex contract

Can I get a mortgage without a permanent contract? It certainly is a possibility. If you are a flex worker you can apply for a mortgage, for example by way of a perspective statement. The future possibilities of you as a flex worker to earn an income will be assessed. The document shows that an objective study has been carried out into your future earning capacity and employment status. In this way, the mortgage lender has confidence in the fact that a realistic estimate has been made. Are you looking for a suitable mortgage? A permanent contract needn't be a deal-breaker.

Perspective statement

For large mortgage lenders, the perspective statement has the same value as the employer statement. The perspective statement may only be issued by a temporary employment agency with an entry in the register of the Stichting Perspectiefverklaring (Perspective Statement Foundation). The register is available on It is wise to contact the intermediary of the temporary employment agency through which you are employed. They can tell you how the process is moving forward and whether the organisation is registered with the Foundation.

Mortgage temporary contract

Curious as to whether it is possible to obtain a mortgage with a yearly contract? Under certain conditions it is also possible for employees without a permanent contract to get a mortgage. Lenders always have two limits when determining a maximum annual mortgage contract. It does not matter whether you are employed with a permanent contract or not. Mortgage limit 1. means that in the year 2020 you may finance a maximum of one hundred percent of the home value with a mortgage. Limit 2. means that the bank makes demands on your income. The lowest limit is binding here.

Do you have any further questions? Applying for a mortgage without a permanent contract starts with expert and independent mortgage advice. Our recognised mortgage advisors and credit analysts have the answer to all your questions. Make an appointment for a casual orientation interview by calling +31 (0)20 - 67 22 109.

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