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Take out a green mortgage with the best interest and favorable conditions

Have you found a perfect home and is this an energy-efficient home? Are you having a new house built or are you planning to renovate your home to improve energy efficiency? Then you are eligible for the Trifium green mortgage. A home that is energy efficient is not only good for your energy bill. With a green home mortgage you receive an interest discount. This mortgage type is therefore also very attractive because of the level of the mortgage interest. Do you also want to save with this sustainable mortgage? Our experienced mortgage advisers will be happy to tell you all about the possibilities and can calculate the green mortgage that best suits your situation.

The benefits of the Trifium green home mortgage:

  • When our advisers calculate your green mortgage, they look at all your income components;
  • Expert and personal advice from registered mortgage advisers and credit analysts;
  • The best mortgage types with the most favorable conditions;
  • Have the green mortgage compared to the most favorable interest rates, premiums and conditions;
  • You receive an interest discount with this sustainable mortgage;
  • Contribute to a sustainable society and the circular economy.

What is a green mortgage?

In 2015, the climate conference took place in Paris at which 195 countries - including The Netherlands - signed a climate agreement. Agreements have been made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus combat global warming. Not only the government plays an important role in this. Various banks also contribute to this by promoting sustainability and the circular economy. They do this among other things, by offering the green mortgage. This sustainable mortgage is a loan for the purchase or renovation of a home that meets various environmentally friendly conditions. The mortgage provider gives an interest discount on this. With a green home mortgage, an attempt is therefore made to encourage home buyers or home owners to use energy more efficiently.

The conditions for a sustainable mortgage

To be eligible for a green mortgage, you must meet various conditions. At Trifium for example, we measure the energy efficiency of the house you want to buy or that of your current home, based on two indices. We map the energy efficiency of a new-build home in the EPC value (Energy Performance Coefficient). This is measured in the Energy Index for an existing home. The lower the value that is measured, the more energy-efficient the home. Do you meet the conditions? Then our experts can calculate the amount of a green mortgage for you.

Compare green mortgage

Various types of green mortgages are offered in The Netherlands. The sustainable mortgage that you take out must of course optimally suit your situation, now and in the future. That's why Trifium's advice goes beyond researching the lowest interest rate. Because our accredited mortgage advisers are also credit analysts. When they compare the various forms of the green home mortgage, they will carefully weigh all the advantages and disadvantages with you, as well as the interest rates, premiums and conditions. In addition, our experienced advisors take a close look at all of your income components when comparing green mortgages. In this way you are assured that you are taking out a sustainable mortgage with the most favorable monthly payments, which best suits your personal situation and wishes.

Taking out a green mortgage starts with expert and independent mortgage advice. Our registered mortgage advisers and credit analysts are happy to help you by answering all of your questions. Call us at 020 - 67 22 109.

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