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Take out a mortgage with the best interest rates and conditions

Buying a house is a big step, whether you are a starter on the housing market or want to grow towards your dream home. At Trifium Hypotheekadviseurs, the advice that comes with taking out a mortgage goes beyond just examining which mortgage offers the lowest interest rate. Indeed, our accredited mortgage advisors are also credit analysts. This means we compare interest rates, premiums and conditions, determine the general income for entrepreneurs and carefully weigh all the pros and cons with you. Moreover, when determining your maximum mortgage amount, our experienced advisors look at all your income components. This allows you to take out a mortgage that best suits your personal situation and wishes with the most favourable monthly expenses.

The advantages of taking out a mortgage with Trifium:

  • Personal and expert advice from accredited mortgage advisors and credit analysts;
  • Specialised in mortgages for entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs, we assess the annual figures and write the credit proposal for the bank with substantiation of the figures based on which we have established the income;
  • The best mortgage options for private individuals;
  • The best mortgage forms with the most favourable conditions;
  • All your income components are included;
  • Taking out a mortgage with Trifium offers more possibilities than just linear or annuity loans.

Mortgage that suits your situation

Would you like to take out a mortgage to finance your own home or rental apartment, keep your current home for rental or create financial space for your retirement at a later age? Our accredited mortgage advisors and credit analysts are ready to assist you no matter what stage of your life or situation you are in. In a free, no-obligation introductory meeting, you will discuss all possible scenarios with our mortgage advisor and credit analysts. This will give you good insight into the many possibilities surrounding your mortgage and/or retirement provisions and you will be assured of a rental, business or residential mortgage and/or pension that is perfectly suited to your situation. Now and in the future!

Customisation options

Trifium also provides appropriate conditions for your mortgage application. You can choose from various conditions. Do you want a competitive and low interest rate or more possibilities and flexibility? In any case, applying for a mortgage requires customisation even when you are employed. However, at Trifium, we take things even further and look at all your income components. Our advisors also map income from abroad, irregularity surcharges, commission income, bonuses and rental income. The same applies to any pension income, IVA, WIA and other forms of income. We take them all into account when determining your maximum mortgage amount. Even if your employer does not want to give you an employer’s statement or declaration of intent and you have a fixed-term contract, you have come to the right place for a mortgage application.

Taking out a mortgage starts with independent and expert mortgage advice. Our accredited mortgage advisors and credit analysts have an appropriate answer to all your questions. Make an appointment for an introductory meeting without obligation by calling 020 - 67 22 109.

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